Happy Holidays

Here in New England there is snow on the ground and more coming. After a balmy start to December, it is now clear that winter is here and the holidays are just around the corner. "A very Merry Christmas" is my wish to you if you celebrate that holiday, and a "very Happy Hanukah" if you celebrate that one. And for everyone, whatever your tradition, I hope your celebration is full of joy, love, and connection.

Yes "connection"! These days I think many of us long for genuine connection with friends and family. How do we create that? The best tip I can offer is to spend some time this holiday season just "being" with yourself and with others. Do you know that in order connect with others we must first connect with ourselves? And holiday time is one of the hardest times to do that. We are so busy "doing" that there is little time left for "being".

If you want to get more into "being" mode this year, read this article.

Boston Yoga Journal Conference

I will be presenting at this conference in April and hope you will join me. On Thursday, April 8th, I'll be offering an all day intensive on Yoga for Stress: Elements of an Effective Practice.

And on Saturday morning, April 10th a two hour workshop titled Transformation for a Life That Flows.

Please pass the word. This is the only major conference open to the general public that I'll be doing in 2010 and I'd love to connect personally with you there.

There is a discount for early registration.

More information on my presentations and the conference can be found here.

Speaking of conferences, I was going through my files recently and came across my notes for the keynote address I delivered at the International Yoga Conference in Singapore in 2001. The theme for that conference was Yoga for the Dot.com Age. As I re-read my notes I was amazed to discover that what I had to say back then is most likely more relevant today than it was eight years ago. Click the link above to check it out. It may help inspire you on those cold winter mornings when you would rather skip the yoga and head straight for the coffee and the keyboard.

Plans for 2010?

Have your thoughts begun to turn towards the year ahead? By now, most of us have made some plans for the coming year that excite us. Learning something new perhaps, or taking a journey to some new place maybe? More and more I feel the answer to overcoming stress lies in choosing to live a "dynamic" lifestyle.

Basically, all that means is setting your inner compass to guide you towards those things in life that provide you with the opportunity to learn, to give, and to be fulfilled.

Many of you know of my passion for aviation. I love to fly. Beginning in January I'll be teaching a course on aviation science and doing some flying with ten lucky juniors and seniors at a local private high school. This gives me a chance to do something I love and hopefully inspire some young people along the way. Of course it's not just about the flying. To me flying provides a very clear link between freedom and responsibility. A lot of what I teach will be focused on the interaction of those two important aspects of being human.

So what is your passion that you would like to feed in 2010? Or what is that special place you would like to visit? Or the person you would like to see? Or the program you want to take?

A Relaxing Vacation Maybe?

I mentioned this in the last issue and several readers have visited this interactive page and have posted details and photos of their favorite place to go and unwind.

Head on over and tell us about your place. There is a growing list and some great suggestions to consider in many parts of the world if you haven't found "your place" yet.

Guest Authors

Since the last E-zine there have been some new submissions published from Guest Authors in the Articles Pages.

Check them out and while you are there perhaps you have an article or a story to share. As long as it fits generally into the theme of the site is all that I ask for. Feel free to add your own website or contact information to your article as well. I'm all in favor of shameless self promotion along with providing great information.

Head over to this page and you'll find a space to tell your story or submit your article. Its very easy!

Food Awareness

As you know, the first step to changing your life in any way, is to become more aware. This applies to just about every facet of life. To me, eating well is one of the great pleasures of life. Like most people however, I'm not always aware of what I'm eating, particularly in terms of where the food comes from and what happens to it along it's journey from farm to table.

This month I watched the documentary Food, Inc. It raised my awareness a notch or two, I can tell you. And I highly recommend you take a look at it, if you haven't already. It will make your trip down the supermarket aisles a whole new experience.

Here is a link to a short article I wrote on the subject along with links to a free preview and also links to purchase a copy of this highly informative and inexpensive documentary at the bottom of the page. I am passing mine around to friends and family.

NEW Audio Files Available

Check out these new audio files that accompany the first weeks of the Eight Week Program from my book "Turn Stress Into Bliss" if you haven't heard them yet. Just click on the link above. There is also now a free Mini E-book download available on Befriending Your Body. Feel free to share the link to this download with your friends, students, or colleagues.

Also, please pass on this E-zine or sign up your friends directly right here.

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Warm wishes for a happy and blissful holiday,