The Year Ahead

Just a brief issue this time, to wish you well in the year ahead and to offer a few reminders.

Sure it's only the date ticking over on the calendar, and all the hype that surrounds the end of one year and the beginning of another is probably not worth the all attention it gets. For most of us though, it's a good time to look back and a good time to look ahead.

Looking back over 2009 I am grateful for the health I've enjoyed, the love of my family, and discovering new ways of taking my work to the world.

For 2010, I look forward to even closer relationships with my family along with those I serve and engage in life, even more focus on maintaining good health, and continuing to learn new ways of engaging the world I live in. This includes the local neighbors to those in the far corners of the earth. I was surprised to learn that over 5% of the readers of this very E-zine live in India. That excites me.

What is important to you in 2010?

Like many, I will probably make a New Year's Resolution and hopefully it will be something that will enhance my life in some way. I know that many of us have a hard time keeping the resolutions we make, so I wrote a short piece to share with some tips on how to keep the resoultions we make.

Boston Yoga Journal Conference

A reminder that I will be presenting at this conference in April and hope you will join me.

Registration is now open.

On Thursday, April 8th, I'll be offering an all day intensive on Yoga for Stress: Elements of an Effective Practice.

And on Saturday morning, April 10th a two hour workshop titled Transformation for a Life That Flows.

Please pass the word. This is the only major conference open to the general public that I'll be doing in person in 2010 and I'd love to connect with you there. When you come make sure to introduce yourself and tell me you read my e-zine.

There is a discount for early registration.

More information on my presentations and the conference can be found here.

Taking of conferences, I’m excited to be teaching at the 1st Annual Virtual World Yoga Conference, entitled “Yoga, Health & Happiness”. This 3-day Virtual Conference is scheduled to be held February 19th to 21st, 2010. I will be presenting on Yoga for Stress and there are many other great presentations listed, including Meghan McDonough, Elissa Cobb, Soleil Hepner, and Karen Hasskarl. For more details on this conference you can attend from your living room, click here.

New Guest Articles

We've had several new guest articles on in recent weeks.

One that is getting a large number of hits is by Stephen Parker and is titled Stress and Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

Check out this one and the other new Guest Articles and think about submitting one yourself.

Head over to the Articles Page and scroll down to "Guest Articles". Beneath the listing you'll find a space to tell your story or submit your article. Its very easy!

Please pass on this E-zine or sign up your friends directly right here.

Over the holidays you might want to visit the Turn-Stress-Into-Bliss website. Here you'll find plenty of ideas for the inner work you might want to engage in the year ahead.

And if you are ever thinking of building a website, I can highly recommend

Site Build It!

Warm wishes for a safe, happy, fulfilling, and abundant New Year.