Follow Your Dream

In times of economic uncertainty stress levels tend to rise. I suspect it's not just worry about finances that is the cause. It's well known that when the going gets tough, we are much more likely to make short and long term decisions out of a place of uncertainty and fear. It is not usually a time to be thinking about following our dream. This often has long term consequences. Yet it's times like this when maybe we really should be seeing the opportunities to create more harmony in our lives. Check this short article I wrote about following your dream.

Boston Yoga Journal Conference

Last chance for early discount registration ends this week.

On Thursday, April 8th, I'll be offering an all day intensive on Yoga for Stress: Elements of an Effective Practice.

And on Saturday morning, April 10th a two hour workshop titled Transformation for a Life That Flows.

Please pass the word. This is the only major conference open to the general public that I'll be doing in person in 2010 and I'd love to connect with you there.

Find out more and get that early registration discount by clicking


Taking of conferences, this weekend is 1st Annual Virtual World Yoga Conference, entitled “Yoga, Health & Happiness”. I will be presenting on "Yoga for Emotional Health and Resiliency" this Sunday. It's not too late to register and this is a very inexpensive conference. I'm excited that it is the very first time I'll be able to teach at a conference from my living room and in my pyjamas! For more details on this conference and to join me, click here.

Stress to Bliss Groups

I am now listing information about "Turn Stress into Bliss" Group Programs that are happening around the country and led by Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Group Facilitators. If you would like to see if there is a group in your part of the world check the list of upcoming groups. Phoenix Rising folks, if you are a group facilitator and want to list your group there is a place on the same web page to do that too. Click here and you'll see the submission form. Scroll down to find a list of groups that will be starting soon.
Please pass on this E-zine or sign up your friends directly right here.

And please visit Turn-Stress-Into-Bliss website. Here you'll find plenty of information and resources along with free audio downloads and more. I have built this website to serve as a resource so please use it and pass the word.

And if you are ever thinking of building a website, I can highly recommend

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