The days are beginning to grow shorter, and the focus moves from outdoors to indoors as we say goodbye to summer again. The seasons remind us that everything must change but the earth will provide what we need in its own good time.

I love to walk in the fall and this year has been no exception. In fact my walking has been greatly enhanced by the presence of our new puppy. Read below the story of our first walk and the insights gained from the experience.

Quiet Walks with My Deaf Dog

In early November I'll be heading to Annapolis MD to give a series of three short workshops at Shakti Yoga Center.

Saturday Nov. 5, 2011

Workshop 1: 9:30-12:00 pm “My Body My Teacher”

In this workshop you will learn the process of attunement, using the tools of awareness and acceptance as you explore your physical presence in your world. You will engage in an easy to follow yoga practice accompanied by dialog led by Michael, followed by the unique Phoenix Rising Integration Process.

Workshop 2: 2:00-4:30 pm “My Thoughts, My Feelings” Through a series of fun and easy yoga experiences, you will get the chance to explore and understand your emotional and mental habits as they connect to your decision making on a daily basis. A pragmatic approach to life, you will learn what works for you and what doesn't. From there, the choice is always yours.

Sunday Nov. 6, 2011

Workshop 3: 9:30-12:00 pm “Turn On, Tune In”

Deeper connection to Self is not only possible, it is necessary to successfully navigate life in this 21st century. In this workshop you will get to explore your own unique manifestation of spirit in this world. You will learn if you are in tune or if adjustments are needed.

These workshops build on each other and it is recommended that you take all 3 if possible. However, they can be taken separately and each is a unique one of a kind and complete experience. What you take away will depend mostly on the extent of your presence to the process. Give yourself the gift of time to fully embrace the opportunity.

Price: Each individual session $60.00 Full series $180.00 To Register click here.

Why Yoga?

Someone recently asked me "Why is Yoga so popular these days?"

I thought about it and in the course of answering decided it was worth also writing a page for my blog on the topic. Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapy Practitioners, feel free to print a copy for your students or link to it from your website if you'd like to share it. Click here to read.

Everyday we make lots of CHOICES. How many of our choices become what we might call "good choices" and how many of them don't get us the result we might want? Underlying choice is AWARENESS. Read this article about a process you can use to make better choices more often.
Making Good Choices

Let Me Coach You

Would you really like to make a huge commitment to get a huge result? How would you like to put your life on track in just 16 weeks? I'm excited about this program because it's very personalized and gets right to the stuff that is important for you as an individual (one of a kind). You will explore your life from every perspective - emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. You will know yourself to the extent that the right choices are easy to make most of the time. And it won't be just talk. You will be engaged at every level of your being and you will have homework - time to practice where the rubber hits the road with me as your guide and supporter. Read more about this fantastic opportunity by clicking here.

Self Renewal Now is the time to think ahead and plan for next Spring and Summer in terms of self-renewal.

I have limited space and times available in 2012 for you to join me on your own personalized, designed just for you, renewal retreat in one of the most beautiful wilderness settings in North America.

Find out more.....

Money Stuff and Stress?

The economy doesn't seem to be getting much better and many of us are being forced to become more creative and focused in terms of our financial health. It helps if we do this with a great deal of awareness. It's easier sometimes to just ignore the realities we face. But if you need some help in this area try following these steps.

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