Wishing You a Blissful Christmas

May you have a blissful Christmas and Holiday Season.

Bliss can be thought of as a "deep state of happiness". It really goes beyond happiness. To me it's a feeling of "all is well" and "everything is just the way it needs to be".

I get that feeling sometimes when I'm with my family, looking back at all that has happened for us in the year gone by, enjoying being together in the moment, and looking ahead to the potential to yet unfold for each of us.

That is why I love to be with my family at this time of year. As a father and grandfather, there is nothing better for me than seeing the smiles on the collective faces of my "clan" as we come together at Christmas.

My wish for you is that your holiday time is as blissful as you want it to be and that you feel empowered to make it so.

Michael Lee

Author - Turn Stress Into Bliss

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