10 Ways to Reduce Stress

These are 10 ways to reduce stress chosen from most popularly tried and most popularly effective.

We mixed them up a little. Each one has an effectiveness rating, ranging from 0 (not effective at all) to 10 (highly effective) in both the short and long term. We have also added some thoughts as well. We're serious but remember, you don't have to take anything seriously.

1. Change jobs, change houses, change spouses or any of the other people or things that cause your stress.

Short term 10, Long term 2

Changing your external environment will definitely help in the short run. But YOU haven't changed. All you've done is re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. You are still headed towards the same ice berg.

2. Eat Healthy

Short term 0, Long term 7

Will definitely help long term. Something that needs to be sustained on a daily basis over a substatial period of time. Definitely should be a part of your PLAN.

3. Meditate

Short term 3, Long term 8

Won't do much right away and will take some time to learn. Longer term this is a great and proven way to reduce stress. Include it in your PLAN.

4. Do Yoga

Short term 3, Long term 8.

Same as #3. Needs some time for this one to work but once you get a feel for it you won't want to stop. Doesn't have to be difficult. Find the right teacher and make it part of the PLAN.

5. Admit that you are stressed

Short term 2, Long term 8.

A necessary step. Doesn't do much up front but if you take the next step and follow through it's a key step in the PLAN and really should be #1 in the 10 ways to reduce stress effectively.

6. Accept that you are stressed

Short term 4, Long term 8.

Another important step. Acceptance isn't easy. Denial is easier. Congratulate yourself if you've taken this step along with #5.

7. Make a plan

Short term 1, Long term 9.

This one has a lot of potential. But ideas and plans alone don't do anything. Follow through is what changes things, but a plan that you implement is needed. Good choice.

8. Take a vacation

Short term 8, Long term 2.

Will help for now but while you are away if nothing else changes it will be more of the same old when you get back. But you'll feel a bit more able to handle it while the effects of the vacation linger on. If you make a plan to reduce stress while you are away and come back ready to implement it, this one works a whole lot better.

9. Take medication

Short term 10, Long term 1.

Will work quickly make you feel better but you may not be able to do much in your zonked out state. Will also work long term if you keep taking it and don't mind all the side effects and what it does to your overall health in the long run. Eventually it won't work and will leave you worse off. Better to avoid this one unless you are in dire straits and really need it as a short term fix.

10. Say "What the f...!" and just get on with it.

Short term 2, Long term 0.

This last of the 10 ways to reduce stress will give you a temporary spurt and you'll be able to muscle through for a bit. But in the long run, burnout is on the agenda along with all the side affects with illness possible. Better to have a PLAN based on sound strategies and then implement the plan. Good luck!

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Make your own list of 10 Ways to Reduce Stress that will work for you. Borrow from this list, add others, and make them very specific to your situation. This will form part of your PLAN to live a more balanced life. If you'd like me to consider your plan for publication here, tell me about what works and what doesn't when you send it.

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