How Does Stress Affect Health?

When you ask the question how does stress affect health, you might be wondering just how bad can it get, or is it really nothing to worry about!

Michael Lee, the author of Turn Stress Into Bliss says:

Photobucket If you are under stress for any prolonged period, it will affect your health. How much depends upon your capacity to handle stress, your constitution, your overall general health including your emotional health, and many other factors. Over time, however, even the strongest among us will eventually experience negative health effects from prolonged exposure to stress.

how to manage stress

Learn how to manage stress, and not only will you live longer, you will enjoy life and have a whole lot more fun. Isn't that worth it?

The way stress affects your health at first is usually subtle and barely noticeable. Later the signs are unmistakable and often manifest in chronic conditions or disease of some kind.

There are also other issues. How does stress affect the health of the baby when you are pregnant? Research seems to indicate that happy and contented mothers have healthier babies.

How does stress affect health in the work environment? Again, there are indicators that suggest the higher the stress level in the workplace, the less healthy and more "sick days" there are in the workforce.

So if stress is subtle at first, how do you know if you are stressed and what do you do if you are? How is stress affecting your health and what can you do about it?

You've come to the right place on the web to find answers to these questions.

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